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31st July 2009

8:08pm: Before the club, after the show, stop on by the Vortex Room for a tasty beverage, pinball, and Full On Lounging.


23rd July 2009

10:23pm: Next friday, july 31, chill little party at the Vortex. Come?


10th July 2009

4:24pm: Superhero Street Fair

Sort of like A Mighty Ruckus at Islais Creek (back in 05/06), but apparently with an actual budget and way more Burner-y. Even right across the water from the Cracktory.

How about that.

15th June 2009

3:00pm: Leland Alexander Dearborn-Ross was born at 1201am, June 15, 2009.

he's perfect weight (8 pnds 3 onz), perfect height (21 in), quite clever (90th percentile), seems to like milk (natural, organic).

prefers brunettes over blondes, red sox over yankees, fords over chevys.

seems only slightly concerned about all this bank bailout business.

6th June 2009

11:33am: Roller Disco tonight at CellSpace.

Come skate!

Legend, Midsummer Nights Dream, Xanandu on the big screen

5th June 2009

2:54pm: Another Hole in the Head starts tonight at the Roxie.
Come watch movies.

8th April 2009

12:42pm: anybody have a spare computer i can borrow for a couple months? PC or Mac doesnt matter. Just needs a browser and ideally Office.
The guy who puts Hole Head together with me fried his laptop and we're both too broke to replace it right now...
Laptop ideally.
Thanks for any help, I'll have a free pass to the film fest for ya....

5th March 2009

9:12pm: can you recommend someone that does massage? theres a pregnant lady in my house whose back is starting to trouble her a bit....

im sure i know ppl who do message, but cant think of any one right now. east bay ideal, but city is ok too.

maybe email me their contact? jeff at sfindie


3rd January 2009

12:23am: JUST returned from epic travels to the land of snow and christians. we seem to have all survived. my brand spanking new 17 year old aerostar come through like a champ. im so proud of her. she got us there, got us back, with barely a complaint. and she had jut joined the family two days before we left! after sitting for 6 months! a miracle i tell ya.

fay is taking me to Dwarves/Arnocorp on jan 7 at bottom of the hill as a birthday present. Come! if youve seen either one, you know you have to come, if you havent seen either one then you most definitely need to come.

you can give me a brithday present by presenting your lovely self at the drunken monkey on my actual b-day tues jan 13. ill be djing, and no doubt true to form, drinking a bit. critique my selections! marvel at my trainwreck skills! listen to some of the rock and the roll and have a beer or two.

actually, im going to try to go all of jan with no beer. lets see how that works out. but we cant both me and ms fay be getting large bellys in the new year now can we?

18th December 2008

12:24pm: the gifting
dnt know what to get that special someone?

Just in time for the holidays, Passes and Opening Night tickets are on sale at Brown Paper Tickets.

Give someone some IndieFilm this year!


14th November 2008

10:14pm: oh. my.
if you were fond of ISW, then maybe just maybe youll wanna check out this:

at the regency bldg. wrestlers dressed in rubber monster suits, in a ring full of small buildings ready for crushing.

oh my.

kinda wanna see what bands are on the bill....this could be good. or really really awful.

14th October 2008

10:56pm: The best coverage I've ever gotten from one paper on any festival I've done:


Can't wait to see a print issue tomorrow!

29th September 2008

7:25pm: I'm spinning tunes at the Drunken Monkey Lounge tomorrow night, Tuesday Sept 30, 10p-2a.
The format is Music To Drink To, so I play both kinds of music: Rock AND Roll. Plus some punk and metal, blues and billy.

No cover, the drinks are strong, and its now held at Annies Social Club, Folsom and 5th.

Hope you can come!


17th September 2008

11:17pm: I'm going to Tiger Army at the Fillmore on Sunday. The missus, she dont wanna go. I've dragged her to three TA shows and shes put her foot down on this one. Anyone wanna go with? They're a good band, really.

16th September 2008

12:47am: anyone wanna go to Tiger Army with me on sunday at the fillmore? the missus doesnt wanna go (i've dragged her to i think 3 of their shows already) and sara my back up band date isnt interested...anyone? bueller?

15th September 2008

5:29pm: I just sold the biggest sponsorship i've ever sold to one of my festivals to Current.tv!

And about a week ago I had pretty much decided not to bother with going after sponsors anymore and just cut th budget on everything down to absolute basics.

And then this. Needless to say, pretty psyched!

I've never watched Current, but of course, now i love them. Someone over there knew daddy needed a new pair of shoes...

10th September 2008

5:48pm: NIMBY had a small fire, and the FD was called, and there are apparently tons of violations, and the place has been padlocked and red flagged and it doesn't look good. No one was hurt. Only one tenant lost their container. But rumor has it the place is done for.
12:40pm: from daily kos
McCain/Palin: Putting Japan First
by Kagro X
Wed Sep 10, 2008 at 11:00:57 AM PDT

"Drill, baby, drill!" "Sell out to the Japanese, baby, sell out to the Japanese!"

The Republicans have just spent a month going completely frothy over the need to drill for oil and natural gas in every backyard in America, claiming it'll lower gasoline prices at the pump.

But did you know that in the meantime, they've been preparing to secret all that natural gas out of the country and sell it to the Japanese?
Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) did:

September 2, 2008

The Honorable Samuel W. Bodman
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20585

Dear Secretary Bodman,

On June 3, 2008 and July 30, 2008 respectively, your Department issued and affirmed an order pursuant to Section 3 of the Natural Gas Act that will allow two major integrated oil companies – ConocoPhillips and Marathon Oil – to export 98.1 billion cubic feet of Alaskan natural gas to Japan and other Pacific Rim countries. This order, which will allow the export of as much natural gas as is used by 1.4 million American families in a year, comes at a time when the President had demanded that the moratoria on oil and gas drilling along our environmentally-sensitive coastal areas be lifted and Americans are being warned that their winter heating bills are going to be dramatically higher. The Administration is trying to have it both ways – arguing that we need to drill everywhere because we don’t have adequate energy supplies, while finding that we have so much energy that big oil companies can export it overseas and keep prices here at home higher than they would otherwise be.

Well, well, well. Energy prices going through the roof in the U.S., supposedly because we're not drilling enough, and the Republicans are selling what we are drilling out the back door! Wish I could say this was a surprise.

And sakes alive! Who'd have guessed it'd be Slick Sarah Palin and the Alaskans selling it off? We're all paying through the nose for our energy needs down here, Republicans are wetting themselves over the supposed need for more drilling, and Slick Sarah and her cronies are hawking their America's wares to overseas bidders. Which, not coincidentally, has the effect of hiking the prices Reg'lar Hockey MomsTM pay to, say, heat the seats in their new boondoggle hockey rinks, and, it seems, boosting the dividend checks paid directly to... Alaskan families like Sarah Palin's, who received $3200 per head this year. Wow! I haven't seen a scam this blatant since yesterday, when we found out Slick Sarah was charging Alaska taxpayers $60 a day to sleep in and munch those mooseburgers in her own kitchen.

So they're pumping up prices by selling off the gas they told you was ours to the Japanese, and then paying themselves bonuses when they do! (Plus extra for cheating you from home!)

Enough with the skimming already, you jerks!

What's the difference between a Hockey MomTM and Enron?

Yeah, it turns out that's lipstick too.

20th August 2008

3:55pm: oooh, massive white out right now.

hey, is there any way to set LJ to NOT display twitters? I've removed i think 5 people from my friends list so far cause i cant stand reading their twitters and now more people it seems are linking them to LJ. is removing them the only way?

17th August 2008

10:56pm: big ole dust storm going on right now. trailer rockin like we're in a storm on the ocean....

11th August 2008

10:34am: a very good (female) friend of mine is looking for a room to rent in sf come the first of the month.
she cant afford much.
any leads for me?

31st July 2008

1:52pm: Most of the time, im happy to be a democrat and agree with alot of their positions. and then something like this comes along, and i just want to bang my head against a wall:

Why must dems assume they can make decisions for everyone? We have enough of a nanny state as is.

30th June 2008

10:14am: Guanajuato
Sitting in the lobby of La Casa Azul in Guanajuato.
We arrived yesterday morning and things have been great. We kinda cant bleive June is ending and we are actually in Mexico and a bunch of friends and family are joining us here in a couple of days!

We both actually managed to sleep a couple hours on the flight down. I think the exhaustion of festival/closing escrow/moving/planning a wedding/planning a wedding In Another Country/coordinating all this transpotation and such with our guests/etc/etc took its toll.

But we spent the day wandering around yesterday, did some bar scouting in preperation for our outing here on thursday with friends in tow, and managed to turn the Bar Fly (our favorite spot from last time we were here) into a rockabilly dance party for like a good hour. We walk in and their playing Operation Ivy, good sign! The dj/barback moves into Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and other swing stuff (bartender guy playing air trumpet between making drinks) i ask if he has any rockabilly. He proceeds to spin a ton of spanish rockabilly and US surf tunes and people around the bar are all dancin around. DJ guy takes off his shirt, gets on the bar, holds his nose and dives. Quite a trip. Place is a blast. I remember it as playing reggae all the time last time we were here (three years ago).

Walking around we saw places that changed (our hostel from before is no more, but theres a cool, cavernlike bar thats new right down from Bar Fly) and just basically drank a bunch of Indio beer and tequila.

Yesterday was more wander and some errands. Today w move to San Miguel and look for a decently stocked liquor store to start building the bar at the Hacienda for our when our guests start to arrive on weds.

We almost even have a ceremony figured out for Saturday. I think it will be all of 10 minutes...The thing for us is the company of our friends for the weekend. I think its gonna be a good week!

24th June 2008

12:36am: Thanks to the kindness and so much help from ms sara and mr richard (and ms sara's mom's truck) we have MOVED into our new place in West O!
so frickin great.
love it love it.
oh, and then i go and take the trash out and this guy sticks his head out his door: "Did you hear that, the gunshots? i heard bullets whizing right by my window!" the ex-cop guy next door sticks his head out "yeah, that was live rounds, ive called 911"

yippee! good times! west o! alrighty then!

on the plus side, out place is well back from the road, behind the parking area, and what not. not worried. but hey. talk about welcome to oakland.

and im not even going to go into the excitement/drama/tragedy that is/was my van this weekend............
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